Get Involved

What is the PAES PTA? We are a group of dedicated parents and teachers working hard to create an enriched, dynamic and thriving school community for our children through the organization of events and the funding of field trips, classroom supplies and enrichment programs. And we really want you to join us!

We are constantly listening to what parents and students want and brainstorming ways to make that happen in our school. As an example: for the 2014-2015 school year we have set a goal to start bringing after school enrichment clubs and classes to PAES and we will be starting with an exploratory all-ages book club during national reading month! But we need parents like you to get the word out, gauge interest and volunteer to oversee clubs!

How can you get involved? There are several ways!

  • Join the PTA
  • Attend PTA Meetings (2nd Tuesday of every month starting in Sept.)
  • Volunteer to help work PTA organized events
  • Follow our Blog, Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay informed and share news! (see the sidebar for links!)
  • Participate in and attend school events and fundraisers
  • Spread the word about school events and fundraisers
  • Share your stories, and pictures about our school, teachers and students
  • Voice yourself!

A lot of parents think that just because they can’t attend meetings due to work or family obligations that they shouldn’t bother joining the PTA … wrong! There are so many ways to help us support our school and attending meetings is only one part. (But if you can attend meetings, we hope you do – we serve dinner and provide childcare!)



2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hello!
    I teach after school ceramics at Kaiser, Chabot, HIllcrest and Montclair.
    Your 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Miles has her daughter in my class at Chabot.
    She suggested I teach at your school. She says you have a boiler room with a kiln.
    I have Friday’s available if this would work for you.
    I generally pay the school a room fee and the parents pay me directly for the class.
    Could you PLEASE forward this to whoever covers the enrichment program to see if it might be possible to offer your kids ceramics?
    If space is a problem, I can teach outdoors on picnic tables in the fall and spring which is what I do at Hillcrest.
    Thank you very much,
    Dana Zed


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