Spring Carnival Volunteers Needed!!!

We can’t wait to make this year’s Spring Carnival the best one yet! However, we need your help! Email the PTA today at PAESpta@gmail.com if you are interested in volunteering. No matter how big or small, every volunteer makes a huge impact! All proceeds raised from this year’s carnival goes directly towards a 3 year music program for Piedmont Avenue Elementary Students.

Email us today! carnival volunteer flyer 2017



Join us for our Annual Valentine’s day school dance on Tuesday 02/14/2017 from 6:00 PM-7:30 PM.

Enjoy great music,dancing,dinner and treats! The dance is $5.00 per person (parents must purchase a ticket as well) and all proceeds go towards events for our children, classroom/teacher support, and field trips!

Our book fair will also be during our valentine’s day dance (from 6:00 PM -7:30 PM) and shop for wonderful valentine’s day themed books!

The book fair will also be on Wednesday February 15th,2017 during school hours from 9:00 AM-2:30 PM. Your children will visit the book fair with their class and also have an opportunity to buy books as well!

There is never such thing as too many volunteers, so if you’re interested in volunteering, Please email the PTA at PAESPTA@GMAIL.COM

Local Businesses Sponsor a Raffle to Benefit 9 OUSD schools, including PAES

The annual Rockridge Out and About festival is happening on October 11th from 12:00 – 6:00. This year Market Hall and Cole Hardware are co-sponsoring a brand new raffle with ALL proceeds from raffle ticket sales going to the nine OUSD schools near Rockridge. Including PAES! Market Hall and Cole Hardware are generously offering to match up at $2,500 in raffle ticket proceeds. This is a brand new fundraising opportunity and we need to support it into success in the hopes of having it become a repeat opportunity in the future. The more raffle tickets we sell, the more we earn for our school so please buy tickets and, if you can, attend the event. (You don’t have to attend the event in order to win the raffle though.) Please share this info with your friends and families. For moe details about the event go here: http://rockridgemarkethall.com/events/item/rockridge-out-and-about-2015


International Walk and Roll to School Day

Wednesday, October 7th is International Walk and Roll to School Day.

Please help us bring awareness to alternate forms of transport by walking, scooting or riding bikes to school that day! We realize that most of our families live too far away to walk or ride their bikes to school, so you can also meet us at the Piedmont Theater at 8:30 AM to walk the rest of the way to school together with teachers. Kids can be dropped off at the theater if they drive to school.

Last year was really fun and the kids were really excited about it. We greeted kids at the main entrance in the morning and logged on a chart to compare who walked vs. rode a bike or scooter, vs. drove.

Also, if you or any other parents or community volunteers would like to volunteer to greet kids from 8:15-9:00, please contact Emily Rasmussen (5th grade teacher) at: emily.rasmussen@ousd.org

Staff Cut Avoided!

The parents, students and staff of PAES are humbled, honored and awed by the extreme generosity of our angel donor who has donated the funds necessary to keep our teacher on staff. Our gratitude cannot be expressed fully here but we hope to convey at least a fraction of it. Monday morning our children will arrive at school to the teachers and classmates with whom they have already established collaborative and productive working relationships with. They will not be crowded into classes of close to 30 students, inhibiting the individual attention needed for effective learning. They will not be shuffled around setting their learning progress over the last five weeks back. Our school will not lose a talented and dedicated teacher to a state mandated numbers game. The kids were ecstatic when they received the news on Friday, running out of school and yelling “Our voices were heard!”

We want to immensely thank our school families who rallied together for this cause in a way our school hasn’t come together before. We were moved by the level of involvement and participation we witnessed. We hope to harness that enthusiasm in order to bring further positive changes to our school, increase involvement at events to support our school and garner volunteer support from our parents when needed.

We also want to thank the OUSD for opening the lines of communication with us and for taking the time to meet with our parent representatives face to face, on more than one occasion over the last week to problem solve the situation. Several board members reached out to us to offer support in this situation and aided in facilitating these sit downs. In the end our solution came in the form of the extreme generosity of a private citizen, however we are happy that our expectations for the future support of our school has been made abundantly clear to the district administrators and are looking forward to working together with them moving forward in matters of school support, community outreach and giving our voice to future district policy changes.  

Thank you to the community members and neighbors without children in the school who also offered their time and support. Strong schools are integral components of strong neighborhoods and it means a lot to us to be able to work together with our neighboring community.



Join our mailing list by clicking this link and filling out the contact form

If you want to volunteer to hand out flyers and collect signatures in regards to this matter, please contact Amy Ortega or Juliette Wilk at PAESPTA@gmail.com.


Our school is in critical need of your help. It has come to our attention that due to under-enrollment OUSD is forcing the dismissal of one PAES teacher which will in turn cause massive classroom shifts throughout the ENTIRE school.

This means that within as little as a week YOUR child may be moved out of his/her current class, combined with another class or possibly even into a combined grade level class. You will not be told how/when or where these changes will happen. You will not be given an option. THIS WILL NOT STAND!

This directive is coming down from above Mrs. Ahmad’s head and needs to be addressed as such. OUSD needs to be made aware in no uncertain terms that we will not stand for this kind of marginalized treatment directed at our children and our school!!!

Please contribute your voice by doing the following and encouraging your friends, family and neighbors to do the same!

1) Call the Oakland Unified School District: (510) 434-7790


2) Email ALL of the following people and tell them that YOU WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS ACTION!

Jody London: jody.london@ousd.org

Superintendent: Antwan Wilson: antwan.wilson@ousd.k12.ca.us

Kyla Trammell: kyla.johnson@ousd.k12.ca.us

3) JOIN US on Wednesday morning (9/23) at 9:30 AM at the OUSD district office where we will be showing up with as many parents as possible in protest. Address: 1000 Broadway, suite 680

4) SIGN our petition, you’ll see us handing out flyers at school drop off and pick up.

** Your voice is BEYOND CRITICAL  – OUSD needs to know that PAES has parents and a neighborhood community that CARE! Keep an eye on your email for more information. If you are not already on our email list,  click this link and fill out the contact form to join. 

Let’s Kick Off the 2015-2016 School Year!





The best way to raise funds can sometimes be the simplest …. please take some time to sign up for the following FREE programs all to benefit the students at Piedmont Avenue Elementary. Don’t forget to Share, share, share!!! Text, email, post to Facebook, twitter, instagram and hand out copies to your friends and family.
Fundraising programs